As a modern and dedicated online sales and purchase platform, OMPBIZ is committed to delivering the highest quality of service, in a predictable and effective manner, thereby fulfilling our key objective of total customer satisfaction. In order to safeguard this principle of service excellence to our valuable customers, store owners on the OMPBIZ platform are expected to comply with the following product quality standards:

Accuracy in product specification

The attributes and in weight, height, length, width, color, texture, model, usage, performance; and other details applicable to the particular product or service listed. Accuracy in specifying the attributes and characteristics of a product or service characteristics of all products listed on online shops maintained by sellers must be accurately stated, including precision would allow buyers to clearly understand the exact nature of the product or service being purchased. Nonetheless, “OMPBIZ” does allow or permit the sale of semi-damage or damage goods to customers. Vendors found violating this policy will be penalized for going against customers’ protection right act.

Product description

The purpose and benefits of the product or service must be defined with absolute clarity. Components to be included in product or service description may comprise the following: the target audience or the particular segment of the market for whom that product or service has been designed, the specifications and technical details of the product, situations or circumstances when the product can be used, when the product can be used, the benefits a person derives in using the product, and a concise but clear account on how the product actually works. In brief, product description should enable the customer to have an unequivocal understanding of the purpose, functions, technical details and the benefits of the product.

Integrity of physical products

Products listed for sale on the OMPBIZ platform must be whole and free from all forms of defects. The photos of products presented in online shops must be an accurate (exact) reflection of the material product that will be delivered to customers. Photos of products in online shops should not be distorted, edited, refined or modified in a way that gives an enticing but false image of the actual physical product that will be supplied to customers.

Duration of product delivery

The product purchased must be promptly delivered to the customer, within the specified timeframe. In the unlikely event of unforeseen delay of product delivery due to uncontrollable external factors, sellers are expected to update purchasers on the state of the product delivery process, and the earliest time that the product can realistically reach the purchaser.


The prices of products and services should reflect their value. Products and services should neither be over-priced or under-priced, in order for them to be in tune with industry-wide pricing. Customers are more motivated to purchase an item, if the price is considered to match the perceived value of the product being purchased.

Product availability

Only products that are in stock and ready to be delivered should be listed. It is not permissible to list products that are not available for delivery. If at any one point a certain product runs out of stock, then such a product should be made available to the online shop as quickly as possible.