Ompbiz referral program is designed to provide local (Philippines)  active vendors on ompbiz marketplace an additional stream of income.OMPBIZ is an online marketplace platform where anyone wishing to take his/her business online can host their online store(s) on ompbiz marketplace for free.

Who is Qualify For Ompbiz Referral Program?
All registered and active vendors on the ompbiz platform are qualify to engage in our referral program.

 All candidates who register in our referral program will receive 1% commission on the unit price of each product sold by the referred local vendors.

 As Ompbiz referral you must at least refer 8 active local vendors a month.
Help promote Ompbiz website to vendors who might be interested in using our platform. The more vendors you refer, the more you earn.

Why join ompbiz referral program?

Free to Join
Only duly registered and active vendors are eligible to join our referral program and it takes less than five(5) minutes to become an ompbiz vendor.

Referrals Records

You will be able to view your successful signed up referred vendors from your referral page on your vendor’s dashboard to keep track of your referral record.

Ompbiz through its referral program provides a stream of income (commission) which is based on the unit price(s) of products per product sold, but terms and conditions applies